Storyworth Project

It’s nice when you get a present that you really can appreciate and enjoy for a long time. However, recipient be aware, if the present offers, prods and changes your life’s daily patterns.

My creative daughter Alison Dempsey somehow surmised that I might really like getting a subscription to a website called where a subscriber is asked to develop and write personal stories until they can fill up a book for publishing. Presumably, the stories would be personal and add to a nostalgic collection that would become a family heirloom? I don’t expect that the final product will get a wide audience but the way it looks, it could amount to hundreds of pages after a year of adding my stories.

Mostly these are stories of growing up and living through different stages of life. I hope to keep the writing simple and personal but available to the public. If there’s one good thing about getting old its that I am less concerned about what people think than I ever have been. That’s a good thing for creating stories that are honest and meaningful to me.

One last thing. Storyworth provides a valuable service in encouraging this type of project but offer a woefully poor platform with very little in the way of options for formatting, linking and for editing stories, especially with media. While that focuses the writer on the words for pure content, it could be far more interesting if they just offered some basic HTML features to enhance the telling of the story.

I will be copying other stories from Storyworth and expect to post them on My Plan C as soon as I can. Or you can visit my page at Storyworth to see a list of the stories as I complete them and view them there. I also will be posting them as podcasts. You can listen to them on the My Plan C Podcast here at Anchor or Spotify. The podcast may appear on other podcast host too. – My Plan C Podcast
Spotify – My Plan C Podcast

I hope you enjoy reading or listening to a few moments of time in my life.

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