I got kicked out of the Marines

Maybe it was the fact that I looked like a rolling nuclear device or maybe with the new gray scruffy beard they realized I was too old to be a recruit. In any case, 3 big Marines were quickly upon me as I easily rolled past the gate. No kidding.

I feebly explained that the LeJeune bikeway just kept going into the base. Then I tried to blame it on Google. It looked suspicious. Thank god they did not inspect my bags. They are not a pleasant site right now.

Anyway, I backtracked and began my trek on a big wide smooth highway. Camp LeJeune is enormous and well guarded. Although I can say that at least for 1 day I was either a weird recruit or terror on wheels.

Author: paulkiczek

Avid cyclist and walker. Interested in writing about life's observations, retirement, pushing yourself in your later years and living a healthy lifestyle.

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