Fear Creeps In

I just happen to be in Wilmington after a great day of cycling from Calabash. It was a magical day that started off woken in my airbnb stay by the sound of thunder at 4:00 a.m. or so. The weather forecast looked great as I went to bed so this put just a bit of fear into what might be unexpectedly in store for me today. In Charleston, I had tried on my rain gear and went out in a pretty good downpour for about a 5 mile ride. All held up okay but I’m still untested in the rain.

IMG_5871But just as I was about to leave the skies opened and it was clear rolling all day. This day I had little to do with major highways as we rolled on secondary county roads, still busy and fast but with some shoulder consideration. My goal was to go 40 miles to an unknown state ferry service that was to take me and cars to Fort Fisher on the other side of a big river. Then I would ride another 20.

It’s all about waterways now.


So, I made it to a nice gentile ferry that had about 5 miles of river to cross. The landing was Fort Fisher which I later learned was the beginning of Cape Fear. This stirred in me a memory of the movie(s) of the same name, both are classics that should not be missed, The first one in 1962 with Robert Mitchem and the second with Robert DeNiro. Soooo sooo good as a psychological thrillers.


Long story short was the protagonist is a lawyer who might have done a bad job defending a psycho killer (Mitchem, DeNiro) is haunted by the same, years later as he is released. The twisted killer stalks the lawyer (Gregory Peck, Nick Nolte). I guess it was so good a story that Scorsese had to do his own version.

Anyway, the scene is a backwater area where a marginal lawyer and a revengeful killer parry at each other ending in an unforgettable houseboat scene. I’m here thinking I’m in the cast somehow. Both versions are worthy of a view and a comparison, Excellent work in so many ways, Guess this trip is getting to me.

Some memorable lines:

Still, things won’t ever be the way they were before he came. But that’s alright because if you hang onto the past you die a little every day. And for myself, I know I’d rather live.

You’re scared. But that’s Ok. I want you to savor that fear. The south was born in fear. Fear of the Indian, fear of the slave, fear of the damn Union. The south has a fine tradition of savoring fear.

Really, the area is quite lovely and more than calm and peaceful. But there’s always the storms here, the southern way and a chance that something can go wrong,,,

Robert Mitchem, Robert DeNiro, Joe Don Baker, Jessica Lange and Nick Nolte will forever make it a legend in my mind… https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101540/mediaviewer/rm4016899584


I close on the upbeat and lively fearless scene at the Blind Elephant Speakeasy of the Cape Fear area, Front Street in Wilmington, NC. No kidding. In a turn from yesteryear. There are bars opening up that are closed to some. Unless you know about them. There’s no sign on the door which you would easily miss in this alley between buildings. Might be a Brooklyn thing. But, here in Wilmington you need to where it is and to join as a member for $1 then you can drink and mingle with the bar and the music. Don’t worry its a cool thing. Great atmosphere and creative drinks. Guess I drank to that!

Toby playing the keys at the Blind Elephant Speakeasy on Front Street


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